Festoon System Safety with SAF-FEST Festoon Trolleys

The SAF-FEST Cable Festoon System has no exposed electrical wires or components and requires none.

With the SAF-FEST Festoon System you can change conductor sizes without changing the System. The Trolleys can be used with hydraulic or pneumatic hoses, even in combination with electrical cords. The Festoon Cable System performs equally well indoors, outdoors, and in all types of corrosive or hazardous locations.

SAF-FEST Trolleys are made of tough, abrasion-resistant nylon. The trolley wheel does not require lubrication and turns freely, eliminating friction on the messenger cable. Trolleys can be added or removed in seconds without disturbing the system.

The best reason for using the SAF-FEST Festoon Trolley and the SAF-FEST Cable Festoon System is that once it's in place, you'll never have to touch it again!

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