SAF-FEST Cable Festoon System

Every now and again a product comes along that makes everything done before it obsolete. The SAF-FEST Festoon Trolley and Cable Festoon System is just such a product.

The SAF-FEST Cable Festoon System is lightweight, easy to install and can be used for any festoon system. Some typical examples include festoon systems for:

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems
Sawmill Carriages
Machine Tools
Assembly Lines
Many Others
Festoon Trolley

The best reason for using the SAF-FEST Festoon System is that once it's in place, you'll never have to touch it again! Check out the Product Features page for additional information.

SAF-FEST Festoon Trolleys are made of tough, abrasion-resistant nylon. The trolley wheel requires no lubrication and turns freely, eliminating friction on the messenger cable. Festoon Trolleys can be added or removed in seconds without disturbing the system.

SAF-FEST Festoon Trolleys Are Now Available As Cable Festoon Systems or Kits. See the Products page for additional information. You can purchase online now.

Please contact SAF-FEST Products Company for additional information.