Festoon Trolley

Cable Festoon System

  • Use For Any Festoon System

  • Will Not Wear Out

  • Absolutely Safe

  • Low in Price

  • Maintenance Free

  • Easily Installed by Regular

  • Flexibility

  • Indoor & Outdoor

  • Suitable for Corrosive & Hazardous



Roving Pendant Station

Roving Pendant Station

The SAF-FEST Cord Trolley frees the operator from hoist load area, allows him to walk safely along clear aisles.



Multi-Cords No Problem

Multi Cord Trolley

With one cord securely attached to SAF-FEST Cord Trolley, additional cords or hoses can be attached easily without changing or adjusting trolleys. Extra weight is not a factor.


Non-Twisting Feature

Non Twisting Festoon Trolley






Trolley's cord clamping device will not rotate completely. Cord remains properly aligned and coiled, no twist or tangle.

Easy 2-Hole Installation

Easy Installation






Regular personnel can handle installation. Simply drill two holes and affix messenger cable.



With the SAF-FEST Cord Support Festoon System you can change conductor sizes without changing the system. The trolley can be used with hydraulic or pneumatic hoses, even in combination with electrical cords. The System performs equally well indoors, outdoors, and in all types of corrosive or hazardous locations.

Download a Cable Festoon System Product Brochure in PDF. (1910KB)